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When I started drawing Rachel Raccoon, I only worked on my Amiga directly. There were no scanners or sketch tablets used in the creation of Rachel. It was all done with the mouse. Well times have changed. I still use my Amiga, but it now shares the same space with my Athlon. Tools have been added to as well, including a digital camera and a sketch tablet. No longer is Rachel drawn just on an Amiga. I now use whatever tools that I can make use of.

Just to let you know that I am very busy these days, and as a result I do not draw Rachel as often. There are no plans to stop drawing her, but I do have other things that do occupy my attention these days.

Rachel is part of the Amicue user-group site so have a look around.

"I am an Amiga Survivor."

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After a long absent here is a new Rachel.

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