Other works that I have done.

What a dad is like with domestic duties.
256 colors, 95K
Download Domesticated Dad
If you had to replace Mom with a machine.
(If such a thing were ever possible.)
256 colors, 93K
Download Mechanized Mom
What young children seem to be like.
256 colors, 43K
Download Two Young Rugrats
Computer Dragon
256 colors, 145K
Download Computer Dragon
Mice playing baseball
It was for a mouse pad.
256 colors, 147K
Download Baseball
A Snail pulling a Turtle's dog sled
(Inside joke)
JPEG 24bit
Download JPG
Water Kids
256 colors, 75K
Download Water Kids
My boot screen for Windows 98
256 colors, 43K
It must be converted to a BMP first
Download Win98 Boot Pic
Little Dragon want to be read to.
24 bit, 219K
Download Oliwawa Pic

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